Day Twenty-Eight: “This (way)”

This (way)
-Dan Gualtieri

This is a way which can be
distinguished from other
ways (such as that) by its
very nearness. It is
immediate, available,
ready to be embarked upon
in a way that most other
ways are not.  This is
the way you go when the car
that should be waiting
for you instead merges
into your lane and the car
in the opposite lane is coming
so quickly, and there is only
a moment to speed between
them, and this is what
you must do, there is
no that which can save
you. This is not the way
you go when you are alone
with her after the party
and there is only one couch, and she
says you don’t have to go
but you go, you go that
way because this is
somehow unimaginable
for you here in this moment,
this is an impossibility, this
is too much reality for you
and that is a dream of escape
that you only later realize
is itself a kind of prison.


Note: for National Poetry Writing Month, I am writing a series of poems named after and inspired by the titles of deleted Wikipedia articles. I am indebted to the @DeletedWiki Twitter bot, which automatically tweets a selection of these titles.


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