Day Twenty-Three: “Walk with the shark”

Walk with the shark

if you must, but keep your balance; remember
to never dip your feet under the water. Sell
the one-eyed woman a bag of golden flaxseeds
for a nickel, and she will give you a dime.
If the bridges are closed, deep moonlit rivers
may be forded by means of the rapid conjugation
of verbs. When the elephant in the city park
tells you that he knows your name, it means
that he wants to sell you a piece of real estate–
take advantage of his bargains, if you are in
the market for real estate. Carry baguettes
under your left arm and the grocer will give
you a fifteen-percent discount. Friendships
with neighbors may be guaranteed by gifts
of poppyseed muffins or an even number
of red raspberries. Always remember, if
you have a hat, to tip your hat to the starlings.


Note: for National Poetry Writing Month, I am writing a series of poems named after and inspired by the titles of deleted Wikipedia articles. I am indebted to the @DeletedWiki Twitter bot, which automatically tweets a selection of these titles.


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