Day Twenty-One: “List of sitcoms which feature actors holding the Nintendo 64 controller wrong”

List of sitcoms which feature actors holding the Nintendo 64 controller wrong
-Dan Gualtieri

The shows rarely got it right
in the late 90s, not that they are
much better about it now.
The controllers are just
more intuitive.

But in those 64-bit years,
they always wanted to show
the fancy controller, tri-
forked, with the protruding
analog stick and the brightly
colored buttons, more
visible on a CRT television
than the dull Playstation greys.

So when Ray Barone wanted
to unwind with Deborah
in 1997, of course they held
a pair of these bizarrely
shaped plastic monstrosities,
and of course they held
them wrong, clutching
with a hand on each side,
far away from that giant
analog stick, and far
from the ever-important
Z-trigger beneath the center.

And really, who can blame
them for failing to be so serious
about their craft? Who
can blame them for holding
the comedic value of the show
over the technicalities
of a briefly featured visual
incongruity? How were
they to know that twenty
years later, that moment
would be picked clean
by the citizens of a society
so consumed by the need
to be able to know?


Note: for National Poetry Writing Month, I am writing a series of poems named after and inspired by the titles of deleted Wikipedia articles. I am indebted to the @DeletedWiki Twitter bot, which automatically tweets a selection of these titles.


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